Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sac à étoiles... Our jute toy bag

When Brooklyn General Store had a sale on the entire store, I was a client! I've been looking at their jute fabric for a while because I've been wanting to make a large toy bag for a long time and when I heard about the sale, it was the perfect time! I think I bought about 4 yards of natural Jute but ended by using only 3.
Visually I knew what I wanted to do and it had to look handmade, but I wasn't sure about how it was going to be because I have never made one before. So, the adventure started and I now can say that I am very happy with the result!
Take a look and let me know what you think.

 photo by Sandrine D'Andrea

 photo by Sandrine D'Andrea

 photo by Sandrine D'Andrea

 photo by Sandrine D'Andrea

 photo by Sandrine D'Andrea

photo by Sandrine D'Andrea

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The vintage touch

As time flies and fashion styles are constantly changing, we note often that the vintage style has a strong presence on the front of the scene. It goes the same way with interior decoration. A vintage piece of furniture here, a white rug there, a tufted leather couch and a few pillows et voila!! But when it comes to the world of the kiddos, it's a complete different thing because the safety issue always rise up and mixing and matching is not as simple as I described it sooner. Les Enfants du Design propose a large selection of furniture and other items for kids, here is my vintage selection.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

{me}longings on Etsy

I love this sophisticated and earth friendly pillows from Melongings on Etsy. Each pillow cover is hand printed from non toxic water-based fabric paint and the artist behind each design is also hand carving her printing blocks! Now, that's what I call a real handmade product. Don't go look for pretty pillows anymore, here is where you should go shop! The first one is my favorite ✭✭✭

Friday, July 13, 2012

Our vacation in Woodstock, New York

This year, we didn't have the budget to go out of the country so we decided to stay in New York but to explore a bit. It took me some time to find the house that was going to be the one for us but once I found it, I booked it immediately. I always wanted to go to Woodstock and drive to Saugerties to see the Lighthouse so it was a bit like a dream come true. The girls had a blast and I highly recommend that house we rented, you can find it here.

 Woodstock natural water reserve

 Saugerties Lighthouse

 Little dip

 The lighthouse

 In the Hudson River

 Outdoor furniture at the Lighthouse

Outdoor furniture at the Lighthouse

Friday, July 6, 2012

Nicolas Mathéus

I would love to visit as many Interiors as possible, all for my personal desire and artistic curiosity. So thanks to the internet, I am able to visit as many as I want. But, to be honest, some of the photographs that I see are lacking the depth I am looking for. It's a bit like looking at the picture of an apple turnover without being able to smell the tart apples and the melted butter. It's a turn off.

Now with that said, some pictures are the complete opposite of this last example. Some images are so finely taken that I've got it all and I don't even need to see more to get the general aspect of the property we are touring. Let me introduce photographer Nicolas Mathéus. He stands out among the elite of photographers, he is the real deal. Take a look and enjoy. 

Cara Carmina - A little poesie in a world of brutes.

My heart pinched me when I first saw the work of Norma Andreu, a children illustrator from Mexico City that one day decided to give life to her drawings. Cara Carmina is her world. You can also visit her Etsy shop here.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ohhh Paris!!!

I hope that all of you had fun celebrating the 4th of July and watching the fireworks. As we took the family down to Red Hook to watch it, we quickly realized that it was too cloudy to see anything but luckily, Jersey had their own fireworks and we were able to enjoy that one even from far. The girls loved it.
When I think about fireworks I immediately remember the 14th of July which is the date that we all watch the fireworks in France. And I'm now thinking about Paris. There is nothing like celebrating around the Eiffel Tower and then going on for a few hours with your friends, partying in the capital. What a beautiful city...
I already mentioned Sivan Askayo on my blog. She is the one who took those beautiful pictures of my girls. Sivan is a world traveler and I love to discover places through her lens. The lastest shot she took in Paris make me want to sit at a coffee terrace, walk in the parisian streets and stop in front of a bakery to smell the parfume of the pains au chocolat that just got out of the oven. Ohhh Paris!!!

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