Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sienna's new haircut

Today was a special day. Sienna my 4 and a half years old has been begging me for a new haircut. But not any haircut, in mind she had a style, she was very precise. Day after day, she was asking for it and telling me how she wanted it to be cut. My good friend Melissa Soon knew about it and told me to bring her to one of her hair salon in Manhattan. With no hesitation my little one went there with me and her little sister Mia Lou. To be honest, she amazed me. She was ecstatic all the time and enjoyed every bit of the process. Melissa is awesome. Being a mother of 2 young ones, she has learned patience and knows exactly what to do to make a child happy. Did I mention that she is opening a new hair salon in Carroll Gardens very soon? Yay!!!!!!!

Shampoo time!!

In the mirror

So ready!

It started like that

Recycling her sister's hair


Smiling all along

Stylish and happy

I mean, sooo happy!!


Posing with the pumpkin of the tattoo parlor next door


Little messages

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