Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finlay's room

With both parents being creative you can only guess that their kid's room is going to be awesome. It is a fact.
Many of you may have noticed that my prettiest pictures are signed David Filipponi and I am sure that you will see more of his work on this blog and for many reasons. First, because we are friends and second because I think of him as an amazing photographer. When I create something and I want to capture the essence of my work it is David that I call. Not so long ago we had diner at his house and when I saw Finlay's room I knew that it was the type of room that I wanted my readers to see. I was lucky enough that David accepted to take the pictures for me even with a crazy busy schedule. You can see his work Here.


  1. I love the I love London pillow!! Did you make it or buy it???

  2. Hi! I love that pillow too. The family used to live in London so I bet it comes from there. If I have the occasion, I will ask them where they got it and will post the info here for you.
    Thank you for your comment.


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