Saturday, December 3, 2011

The sweetest room

Emilie sans chichi is a French blog that I discovered on The Boo and the Boy this morning.
I truly fell in love with that bedroom and would put my daughters in it if I could. The accents and the details are perfectly orchestrated in a room that two young girls are sharing. I love the wall colors and the wooden bed. It's just perfect! If you are looking for child's room inspiration go visit The Boo and The Boy and you'll be served.


  1. Lovely blog!
    I've got two daughters called
    Ziggy& Lou
    Funny isn't it?

  2. Hi Mireille, thank you for joining! There is more fun to all this. First, my daughters names are Sienna and Mia Lou. Twiggy is Sienna's nickname. Then, my sister's name is Mireille and she is a Sagittarius. She was born on December the 18th. It'll be funny if your birthdate was the same right?

  3. My birthday is on December the 8th!


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