Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making jewelry for the summer

I always find inspirational DIY on the net and lately I've been itching to make my own jewelry pieces. First for the fun, then, for the fact that it's not that easy to find a piece that I am really going to like. I am going to have a crush on a very expensive necklace or bracelet, or I will find that certain pieces are not exactly what I am looking for. Being a blogger has been amazing. I have met a lot of amazing people through the net and found so much inspiration. So when I saw the DIY offered by Honestly WTF, I knew that I'll have to make it. Originally I was going to make the pompon and chain necklace plus the braided bracelet but I've been missing time to make both so I started with the bracelet. I am happy with the result and completely love the wooden beads necklace that I made too. Have you made anything for yourself lately? It feels good for once to think about myself :)

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