Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The past few weeks in pictures

Over the past few weeks I've been busy like I didn't expect to be. When "NEED TO WORK TO KEEP MY SANITY" is your motto and you get a few jobs, it calms the storm inside of you and keep you running. I am grateful and excited about every single thing I've been doing or am about to do. Let's keep it moving!!


Bodie and Fou Catalogue
photo credit: François Kong, stylism: Karine Kong

hint: These sweet stars of mine are heading to England very soon!

A short trip to Manhattan and Anthropologie for inspiration

more inspiration at H&M

my angels and I attending a wedding together for the first time

flower girls unwinding

thank you mom and Jean for picking, drying, peeling, packaging and shipping all that goodness to the US for me. As always, everything you do is much appreciated. I love you!

working on a sweet project with these soft organic cotton fabrics. More photos to come in another post.


Little messages

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