Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Once upon a house

We've stepped way too quickly into fall. It feels like if winter is right here waiting for us around the corner. Is it going to be a cold one? Is it going to snow a lot? These are the questions that are on my mind. I love the snow but dislike feeling stuck inside so let's wait and see how it turns.
In the mean time I have to admit that it is hard for me to accept that the summer is over. So naturally when I surf the web and fall on a house that says "I'll see you next summer", I can't help but dream about how it would feel to wake up one sunny morning and go enjoy a breakfast with my family in its sumptuous garden. I found that house on the blog Dettagli Home Decor. I love the details of this house. Its architecture, the light that visits it and the soft colors that were chosen to immortalize it.


  1. Congratulations this blog is very very beautiful! I like it so much
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  2. Thank you so much Elisabetta!!! This means so much coming from you. Your blog is divine and I enjoy visiting it often. Thanks again and again!


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