Thursday, November 22, 2012

I ♥ this room

I am finally writing a new post!! Yeahhh!!!! I thought this day would never happen, at least not before the end of the holidays. I am happily busy but missing my blog. So today, as our Thanksgiving diner came to an end I take the time to share with you my latest find and inspiration. Looking at the big picture, I like this room. The wall paper with the mountain background is amazing but what melts my heart is that little market stand. Who didn't play for hours when they were a child pretending to own a shop. It was indeed one of my favorite and now that my oldest daughter is almost 6, I want one for her so she can play with her sister. Without being a mean critique, I think that all there is on the market right now are hideous and not promising as they should be. Such a toy should be a platform for dreams and I didn't find anything that matches this criteria. So I am probably going to make one myself and the one you see on this post will be my inspiration. I ♥ it

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