Sunday, May 19, 2013

The 4 seasons puzzle blocks by Noble Toy Co.

It's raining and the trees look even more green. If we were not in Brooklyn I will think that we are somewhere in Pennsylvania. Days like this, inspiration comes from within and so far from the trees that surround us. I was browsing for wooden toys when I fell on these 4 seasons puzzle blocks made by Noble Toy Co. a company based in Chicago. I can tell that they were made by dreamers like me. People who care about earth and who use their childhood memories to create their toys. Now, I let you fall in love with them too...


  1. Que c'est joli par ici ! Je reviendrai ;o)

    1. Oh la la Carine!! Quel plaisir de vous lire ici. Moi c'est votre blog que j'adore. Merci pour votre passage.


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