Monday, June 10, 2013

Amazing furniture from Kalon Studios

What were you looking for exactly when searching for that perfect crib? It was such a big deal for me. For some reason, my kids bed always had to be the best that I could find when they were tiny. First it had to be safe then well designed with eco materials and again safe. We had a nightmarish experience with the first crib we bought for my oldest daughter. At first sight, it was beautifully designed with eco materials but as soon as she started to move around, her arms and her legs were getting stuck in the wooden bars and it was impossible for us to get her out of there. So when I say nighmare, I mean it... At her expense unfortunately, I turned to a more simple crib, the "Classic from Oeuf" and it was the best decision I've made. The crib was simply perfect and after a few years we converted it into a toddler bed which was equally great. So no regrets going with Oeuf. A few months ago I discovered Kalon Studios. The company claims to be as green and sustainable as can be and their price are very attractive.   Take a look at their shop!

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