Monday, December 2, 2013

DIY - Our Advent Calendar 2013

Oh December! Watching the snow flurries fall delicately atop a tree branch while sipping on wine in front of a bright fire... I love this Holiday season. This year again, I attempted to make an advent calendar for both my daughters so they can enjoy it at the same time. They love opening their little surprise and share them at the same moment. For me, it's pure joy to see them do that. Recently, both of them showed an interest in collecting rocks of all sorts so I purchased about 20 rocks of all kind (Pyrite, Tiger eye, Occos, Quartz...) So here we go, I've capture all of the things that I used to make this happen. It was easy but time consuming. As I promised my husband that I wouldn't put a new nail on the wall, I taped all the bags :)

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