Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet Sivan Askayo

Lately i had the great pleasure to meet photographer Sivan Askayo. As I wanted to write a post about her and her work, Sivan kindly offered to take some pictures of my girls and my work space. She let me style the girls and the space and she did what she does best, capture our lives in a serie of beautiful pictures that speak for themselves. Her pictures are pure and sweet, and i am sure that my husband will be thrilled to received them as a Father's Day gift.
Also, as a gift to my readers (only), Sivan would like to offer a 15% discount for the one of you who book a session before June 17th (Father's Day). Just let her know that you have seen the offer on Twiggy and Lou's blog.
Sivan Askayo Children Photography is on facebook, click here to go to her page.

photograph: Sivan Askayo
stylist: Sandrine D'Andrea

T & L:   Who is Sivan Askayo?

S.A:       I'm an Israeli born, New York based photographer. I've been living in New York for the past
              10 years now and been photographing Kids and Travel for the past 4.   
              I've earned a Master degree in Communication and Marketing in New York and been    
              constantly involved with the ICP, International Center of Photography.
              I photograph what I love; Kids, Food, Travel, Street Art and as a City Dweller I also 
              photograph the dynamics of the places I am in. My work has been exhibited Nationally
              and internationally and I've been involved with emerging Artists groups both is New York
              and in Tel Aviv.

stylist: Sandrine D'Andrea

T & L:   What inspires you?

S.A:       I'm inspired by a lot of things; colors, light, an interesting composition I come across. 
              A situation. It can be a person gesture or a way someone is carrying himself. It can be a 
              graffiti wall and the way it combined with its surroundings, as I do follow Graffiti and Urban
              Art wherever I go. New York inspires me a lot as well. The dynamics of the City really gets
              me going.

stylist: Sandrine D'Andrea

T & L:   Most of the time you shoot Travel and Kids, what is your specialty?

S.A:      I shoot mostly for Travel and Design/Lifestyle magazines.
             My specialty? Well, it's mostly what I love; Kids, Travel, Food and Street Art. I think it will
             be easier to tell what I don't shoot which is Fashion, Sports and Weddings. I love capturing
             moments; it can be a special moment I come across while I travel, or a special moment when I 
             shoot a family portraits. Kids are so fascinating. So much more than adults. They are very
             natural in front of the camera, and they can go through various emotions within seconds.
             They are so funny to take pictures of.

stylist: Sandrine D'Andrea

T & L:   If you were not a photographer, what would you be?

S.A:      Probably what I did before turning into photography; Media Supervisor in a Media company.
             I worked for almost 8 years in the Advertising world and loved it.

stylist: Sandrine D'Andrea

T & L:   What is your oldest memory as a photographer? Do you remember the first thing you 
               had taken of?

S.A:       I got curious about photography because of my dad, who was a photographer during his army 
              service and then kept it as a hobby. He used to carry his Nikon camera to all our picnics and
              weekend trips, and one day he just let me hold it. And I got hooked since then.
              At the age of 12 I got a one year membership to National Geographic and a huge book of 
              Atlas from my Grandfathers. This really sparked my curiosity about the world and about  

stylist: Sandrine D'Andrea

T & L:   How old were you when you purchased your first camera?

S.A:       My REAL camera I got from my dad, he actually let me use his and keep it.
               It was a Nikon FM, manual with film and I still have it. I was 17 I think because this is
               when I started studying photography more seriously. I took a black and white class with one
               of the old school known photographer in Israel, and I learned how to develop my film in 
               the darkroom.

stylist: Sandrine D'Andrea

T & L:   What is next for Sivan Askayo?

S.A:       Work wise I would say having clients not only in New York, Tel Aviv or Paris but in other
               locations word-wide. Working with travel agencies or PR  for travel, shooting for
               Milk Magazine in Paris... these are all the things I want to make in the next year or two.

stylist: Sandrine D'Andrea

T & L:   Imagine you are a bird, never tired of flying. Where are you flying to?

S.A:      Cuba, Brazil, Shanghai or Philippines for example. 

stylist: Sandrine D'Andrea

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