Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday DIY- Wool felt donut

 Christmas is around the corner and I have a few more things to make for the girls market stand that I am building with the help of Sam. This past Sunday was rainy so I took some time to make a couple little donuts out of pure wool felt and I created a DIY at the same time so all of you can try to make your own. First I was very inspired by my last post, then, I found a tutorial on youtube. It was really fun to make. All photos by me.

 Here are all the materials needed to make your donut. 2 sheets of wool felt in different shades. I only work with pure wool, no synthetic but I guess that you can use whatever you want. Different shade embroidery floss for the sprinkles, a pair of sharp scissors, a circle of paper as template (mine was 3"), some pin needles as well as a medium size needle and some wool for stuffing.

Step 1: Pin the paper circle to your first sheet of wool felt and cut around. Do the same thing for the other color. Ps: You will need two light circles of wool to make the two sides of your donut.

Step 2: Put two circles of wool felt on top of each other

 Step 3: Then fold in the center and pin them together leaving the center free for cutting. Cut the center as if you were cutting a circle. Your are now making the center of the donut.

Step 4: Repeat Step 2 and 3 with the darker felt using one of the felt circles that you just have made.

Step 5: Start by making a knot with the embroidery floss that matches the most your wool felt. Start stitching from the center, placing the knot inside the donut. 

 Step 6: Place both wool felt circles together and start stitching OVER the two layers. 

 Step 7 & 8: Cut your darkest felt to imitate the icing shape and start sewing the sprinkles. You can use beads but I did it with the cotton instead. Make all knots on the hidden side of the felt.

 Step 9: With a matching cotton thread start sewing the icing to the donut.

Step 10 & 11: Start stitching the outer part of the donut using the same OVER stitch as shown in Step 6. Leave a zone unstitched so you can stuff the donut. Here with pure wool. 

 Step 12: Finish stitching and make a knot. Cut thread right after knot.

 Here is a picture of the back. Nothing's perfect in Handmade but that's why we appreciate it more. I do!



  1. Hey there
    Hope all is well, I just wanted to tell you I am still very happy with the beautiful garlands you sent me last year ;) Got them hanging in my kitchen now for X mas ;) To bad I didn't spot your awesome advent calender before as I did a post about advent calenders before
    You rock !
    From Amsterdam with LoveX

  2. Hi Desiree! I thought about you after I made the calendars but I was so busy that I didn't take the time to write you. I already have an other one in my mind and it will be black or white. This time I'll keep you posted;)
    My little garlands have been doing very well and are now Sold Out!! :))) Thank you for dropping a line here and for all the sweet compliments.
    Happy Holidays Desiree♥


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