Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Advent Calendars (DIY)

This year, I promised my daughters that mommy will make them each an advent calendar. I was never too found of the sweets that you may find in certain calendars so I gave myself some time to think about what could replace the bites and as I was shopping in Manhattan Fashion district, I found some super cute charms and thought it was perfect. Here is the step by step. FYI: I WILL NOT SELL any of these calendars to the public. They are strictly made for my kids.

I used a black paper, some Archival white and silver ink, and some mini white clothes pins. All from Paper Source.

I selected some Hello Kitty Hair Clips, some charms and made around 10 pompoms with different wool colors.

Cut off some rectangles out of the black paper and folded them in the center then stamped them from 1 to 24.

I've sewn the sides to create a pouch.

Here stuffed with a wool pompom.

Then I've closed the pouch by sewing the top of the pouch. Don't forget to snip a side or your little ones won't be able to tear it. 

To create a tree shape or whatever shape you want, I used a few push pins and a long thread of wool. Then, secured each pouch by attaching it to the thread using the mini clothe pins.

Here the outline of the star using the wool thread and the push pins.


The happy campers.

The Christmas countdown has started! Happy December everyone!!


  1. Love your Advent calenders ... we have started the countdown too ... I love Advent ... just found your lovely blog and am now a happy follower ... Bee x

  2. Hi Bee! Welcome on my blog and thanks for the sweet comments. I've became an instant fan of yours :-)

  3. That's a fabulous idea - a great twist on a traditional theme.

    Nina x

  4. Thank you so much Nina! Are you also going to make one this year?

  5. Thank you Carol. I can't wait for next Christmas to make some new ones. It was worth all the work.


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