Friday, July 6, 2012

Nicolas Mathéus

I would love to visit as many Interiors as possible, all for my personal desire and artistic curiosity. So thanks to the internet, I am able to visit as many as I want. But, to be honest, some of the photographs that I see are lacking the depth I am looking for. It's a bit like looking at the picture of an apple turnover without being able to smell the tart apples and the melted butter. It's a turn off.

Now with that said, some pictures are the complete opposite of this last example. Some images are so finely taken that I've got it all and I don't even need to see more to get the general aspect of the property we are touring. Let me introduce photographer Nicolas Mathéus. He stands out among the elite of photographers, he is the real deal. Take a look and enjoy. 


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  2. Hi! I am not sure but it looks to me like a private terrasse somewhere in Grece. I am refering to the gorgeous white plaster. If I get more details, I will post them here for you.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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