Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ohhh Paris!!!

I hope that all of you had fun celebrating the 4th of July and watching the fireworks. As we took the family down to Red Hook to watch it, we quickly realized that it was too cloudy to see anything but luckily, Jersey had their own fireworks and we were able to enjoy that one even from far. The girls loved it.
When I think about fireworks I immediately remember the 14th of July which is the date that we all watch the fireworks in France. And I'm now thinking about Paris. There is nothing like celebrating around the Eiffel Tower and then going on for a few hours with your friends, partying in the capital. What a beautiful city...
I already mentioned Sivan Askayo on my blog. She is the one who took those beautiful pictures of my girls. Sivan is a world traveler and I love to discover places through her lens. The lastest shot she took in Paris make me want to sit at a coffee terrace, walk in the parisian streets and stop in front of a bakery to smell the parfume of the pains au chocolat that just got out of the oven. Ohhh Paris!!!

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